Our Mission


 The title of this website, "In-sight, Exploring the Feminine Principle," is intentionally  broad in order to encompass the myriad of topics that can be included.

      Below are some of the categories we intent to pursue. 
     -Defining the Feminine Principle
     -Banners and Guidelines for Exploring the Feminine Principle (Keep a List of yours)
     -The Feminine Principle through History
           +Early Presence of the goddess
           +Presence within Organized Religion
           +Women in History
           +Women in Art
           +Women in Literature and Poetry
           +Women in Spirituality
     -    Psychological Aspects of the Feminine Principle       
           +Embracing the Shadow for personal growth
           +In the Process of Balance Seeking Wholeness   
     -Roundtable of Books, Articles, Movies, and Television demonstrating the presence of the Feminine Principle
     -Crone Wisdom/Wisewoman explained and highlighted
     -Caring Economics
     -Kids and the Feminine Principle
     -Call for Banners and Guidelines (Words, Expressions and Concepts that readers have found helpful for themselves)