Spirituality and the Conscious Feminine

Three quotes from Nelle Morton: “Thus ‘spiritual’ is experienced profoundly as sisterhood in its loftiest and most universal sense and, we may add redundantly, political action of the most radical sort on behalf of and ultimately including all of humanity--women, children and men.”

“For anyone to experience solidarity in world sisterhood is to break out of the patriarchal mindset that cannot think in global terms (outside the box of separation) and dualism.”

“Women are seeking to harmonize, to bring to wholeness again, something that has been torn apart and has deprived men and women of humanness.” p. 98.

Bringing Forward Your Wisewoman, part II

Naming ourselves as wisewomen helps to counteract the limiting belief pervasive in our culture that as women “we are not enough.” When we reject the male-indentified model of competing with other women and instead join together to celebrate our strengths, support and encourage each other, the feminine principle begins to re-emerge It’s necessary! There are over 1000 negative labels for women in English and far fewer for men. Together we have the power to change our culture.